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About Greg Tormo

Greg Tormo is passionate about architecture.  He grew up around the world, living in and soaking up the myriad styles of mid-century homes.  From New York City to Caracas, Venezuela; from Miami, Florida to Stamford, Connecticut; and from St. Louis, Missouri to Santiago, Chile, Greg brings his global experience to everything he does.  
Greg traveled through France in the 1990s studying the modernist buildings of Le Corbusier, and when he first visited Palm Springs in 2012, he was enthralled with the beauty of the desert architecture and began studying the works of Frey, Cody, and Krisel.  
Attracted like a magnet to this mid-mod village beneath Mount San Jacinto, Greg wound down a 30-year Wall Street career managing large scale technology projects to build a thriving new business in the Palm Springs.   Greg lives and breathes the Palm Springs lifestyle and provides a wealth of value for his clients including micro-focused knowledge of the local market and neighborhoods as well as strong managerial and negotiation skills.  
Greg shares his deep knowledge and provides sound advice to help people make the right decisions about buying and selling desert properties.
Greg`s personalized and professional service set him apart from the competition, earning him praise from both clients and other Realtors.  
Careful planning, patience, and deep knowledge are what brought Greg to where he is today.  And Greg’s clients trust him to realize their desert dreams.


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